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9 Summer Salads Our Editors Have on Repeat

We know a good salad when we see one. 

Summertime is prime season for salads. They’re light and refreshing, crisp and nutritious, and come together in record time. The staff at Savory especially loves to throw together salads for quick weekday lunches, low-stress weeknight dinner options on hot days, and even as a crowd-pleasing dish at a backyard potluck. So, we asked our editors what their favorite salad is this season to give you the inside scoop to start crafting your perfect bowl ASAP. Take it from us—we know a thing or two about a good meal.  


Crispy Chicken Salad with Honey-Mustard Dressing  

“I love meal-prepping this salad for lunches in the summer because it takes just 10 minutes to throw together and it’s versatile. I’m a vegetarian and my fiancé isn’t, so I can prep the same salad for each of us and use chicken strips for him and veggie nuggets for myself. I especially love the warm crispy nugget contrasted with the juicy summer tomatoes and sweet dressing.” -Arielle 


Grilled Salad Pizza with Prosciutto

“A friend made this salad for lunch after we’d been hiking one hot summer day. Since then, it’s been in heavy rotation at my house. It only takes 15 minutes to throw together and I can make substitutions based on the greens and cheese I have in my fridge.” -Victoria 


Warm Kale Salad with Cranberries  

“This simple salad combines all my favorite ingredients—bacon, goat cheese, and poppyseed dressing. Yes, please! Sautéing the kale also makes it super tender.” -Lauren 


French Spring Salad   

“When it comes to salads, I’m not always in the mood for all the leafy greens, but I want all the good veg. This niçoise has all the flavors I want a salad to give me on top of having the crunch.” -Megan 


Bloody Mary Panzanella Salad 

“I’m a big Bloody Mary fan (and have been known to order one with dinner on more than one occasion!), so this cocktail-inspired salad hits all the right notes for me. I love the extra crunch from fresh celery, red onion, and toasted sourdough croutons. The dressing, with Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and horseradish, adds a savory punch just like the drink. Yum!” -Hannah 


Prosciutto and Melon Salad 

“I always love fruit in salads, but especially in summer. This salad is so colorful, and it’s healthy, refreshing, and fast.” -Myra 


Grilled Halloumi Caprese Salad  

“There’s nothing better in summer than ripe, juicy tomatoes and this Caprese salad takes a perfect flavor combo to the next level. It’s a cheese lover’s dream with halloumi, which tastes even better when pan-seared or grilled. Top with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and fresh basil, and I could eat this salad at breakfast, lunch, and dinner!” -Sarah  


Chickpea Mediterranean Quinoa Salad  

“I make this salad on Sundays and portion it out for my lunches during the work week. I just pull it out of the fridge, top it with crispy pita chips, and have a delicious, hearty, and affordable lunch that I never get tired of.” -Andrea  


BBQ Chicken and Corn Salad  

“I love bulking up meals with veggies, so I often turn what I’m eating into salads. That’s not always easy when preparing meals for picky eaters, but I’ve found if I start with meals the whole family loves (like burgers and fries, BBQ chicken, and corn on the cob) and turn them into salads, it’s a win-win for everyone!” -Trisha  


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