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Grill and barbecue

Our Editors’ Favorite Recipes They are Grilling on Repeat

Fire up the grill and get cooking with these 13 mouthwatering recipes. From appetizers to a nostalgic dessert, meet your new summer faves.

Cooking outside is a quintessential summertime activity. From burgers and hot dogs to grilled pizzas, there are endless recipes and ideas that can be cooked over the barbecue. We asked our team to divulge what we’ve all been loving this summer. These 13 recipes cover appetizers, sides, mains, and even a dessert we’ve become obsessed with and just can’t stop cooking them. From a show-stopping edible charcuterie board to the ultimate store-bought chicken hack, you’re bound to fall in love with these recipes just like us. Fire up the grill and let’s get cooking! 

Grilled Halloumi Caprese Salad

Grilled Halloumi Caprese Salad 

Love grilled cheeses?  This recipe uses halloumi, a firm cheese that doesn’t melt as easily as other types, making it easy to cook right on grill. Plus, it’ll still get those iconic marks we all love. Layer the grilled cheese with fresh tomatoes and basil for an Italian caprese twist. 

Get the recipe: Grilled Halloumi Caprese Salad

Grilled Scallops with Grilled Lemon Butter

Seafood and lemon go together like peanut butter and jelly. Grilling the lemons is a new twist that adds caramelized complexity to this otherwise classic preparation. This summery dinner is ready in just 15 minutes, thanks to the quick-cooking scallops skewers. Our favorite part? A garlicky herb butter drizzled over top! 

Get the recipe: Grilled Scallops with Grilled Lemon Butter 

Radish Kabobs with Yogurt Sauce 

Air-fried radishes just went viral for being even tastier than potatoes. We’d argue that these grilled radish kabobs might make you swear off potatoes, at least on the grill! These skewers are dusted with garam masala and served with a cilantro-garlic yogurt. We love serving these as the star of dinner or as a unique side. 

Get the recipe: Radish Kabobs with Yogurt Sauce 

Brown Sugar–Rubbed Turkey Tenderloins

Turkey isn’t just for Thanksgiving! We love changing up what proteins we’re cooking on the grill, and these turkey tenderloins are a team favorite. Mix up your own spice blend with brown sugar and paprika before sprinkling it over Dijon mustard-coated tenderloins. Serve the turkey with grilled veggies, deli potato salad, or even just on a roll. 

Get the recipe: Brown Sugar–Rubbed Turkey Tenderloins 

Grilled Shrimp Paella Foil Packets

We’re all about foil packets when it comes to summer grilling. This handy hack lets you cook  recipes on the grill that you normally wouldn’t be able to, like these paella-inspired packets that use frozen rice and pepper strips to keep the prep time under 15 minutes. Top the packets with shrimp and chicken chorizo for the perfect outdoor Spanish dinner. 

Get the recipe: Grilled Shrimp Paella Foil Packets 

Grilled Onion Dip

Move over French onion dip! One of our favorite parts of this recipe is grilling sliced onions instead of just caramelizing them in a skillet. Blend those onions up with some sour cream, cream cheese, and mayo for the perfect onion-y appetizer. Try serving it with fresh veggies or crunchy potato chips.  

Get the recipe: Grilled Onion Dip 

Grilled Cheese and Charcuterie Board

Make a grazing board even more showstopping and shareable by using grilled pizza dough as the board itself. Scatter cherry tomatoes and olives over a sheet pan before covering it with store-bought pizza dough, then add your favorite cheeses, cured meats, and honey into the little pockets before sprinkling fresh basil over top. 

Get the recipe: Grilled Cheese and Charcuterie Board 

Easy Smoked Ribs

No smoker? No problem. This recipe includes a great hack for how to turn your smoker into a grill – simply add wood chips to a vented foil packet and heat until the chips just begin to smoke. These ribs use a store-bought barbecue sauce to bring out the sweet and smoky flavor. 

Get the recipe: Easy Smoked Ribs 

Grilled Nashville Hot Chicken Drumsticks

Travel to Nashville without leaving home! Traditional Nashville hot chicken smothers fried chicken in a signature vinegary sauce. Instead, we’ve covered grilled chicken in a spicy sauce for an easy way to get that same delicious heat. Don’t forget the pickles to add that extra pop of brightness. 

get the recipe:Grilled Nashville Hot Chicken Drumsticks 

Grilled S’mores Dip

Transform beloved s’mores into a shareable spoon-worthy dip with this twist on a classic summertime treat . Mix cream cheese with marshmallow crème into an ooey gooey base before topping with crushed graham crackers, chocolate morsels, and mini marshmallows. Add a sprinkling of chopped peanuts for a little salty bite.  

Get the recipe: Grilled S’mores Dip 

Grilled Steak with Corn Salsa

Sometimes a perfectly cooked steak is just what you need when it comes to summer grilling. Marinating the steak adds so much flavor into every bite. Plus, we love taking advantage of the best of summer produce with grilled corn and fresh tomatoes mixed into an easy salsa. Trust us, this steak is sure to become a go-to dinner.  

Get the recipe: Grilled Steak with Corn Salsa

Grilled Clams with Spicy Lime Butter

Transport yourself to the beach by cooking up bite-sized cherrystone clams. For our beach-lovers, nothing screams summer quite like grilled seafood. This 5-ingredient recipe quickly cooks sliced serrano peppers in butter before mixing in cilantro and lime juice.  Pour that spicy butter all over the clams to serve. 

Get the recipe: Grilled Clams with Spicy Lime Butter 

Italian Grilled Chicken Halves

We are obsessed with cooking chicken on the grill, but cutting up the chicken yourself can be a lot of work. We recommend buying pre-cut chicken halves from the store instead! Then marinate the chicken in store-bought Italian dressing. This chicken dinner is easy and sure to make everyone happy.  

Get the recipe: Italian Grilled Chicken Halves 

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