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Butterfly and Flower Cupcake Liner Crafts

Decorate for spring with a mix of kitchen staples and crafting supplies. The whole family can get involved in making these easy DIY crafts.

Ready in 15 mins
Prep time 15 mins


> 16 regular cupcake liners
> Glue
> 5 pipe cleaners
> Rhinestones
> Buttons
> 6 mini cupcake liners
> 6 wooden craft sticks


To make a butterfly, flatten two regular cupcake liners. Starting with 1 liner, fold paper up ½ inch from the bottom edge of the cupcake liner. Flip liner over and fold again, so that edges meet. Repeat folding and flipping liner until it resembles an accordion. Without unfolding, fold liner up in half to make a middle crease. Repeat with second liner. Place liners together so middle creases match up, with the open edges of one set of "wings" facing up and the other facing down. If desired, add a drop of glue between liners to secure.
Fold a pipe cleaner in half. Place stacked liners in middle of pipe cleaner and twist around liner middle to secure. Open liners on either side to make wings. Trim pipe cleaner and curl ends to form antennae. If desired, add a rhinestone or button onto the "body" of the butterfly. Repeat with 4 sets of 2 regular cupcake liners and pipe cleaners as desired.
To make a flower, flatten 1 regular and 1 mini cupcake liner. Using scissors, cut slightly curved scalloped edges around each liner. Stack mini liner inside regular liner and secure with a drop of glue. Add a rhinestone or button to the center of the mini liner and secure with glue. Add a drop of glue to the tip of 1 craft stick and secure flower to top of stick. Repeat with remaining liners and craft sticks.


Use colorful or patterned cupcake liners for a festive touch. Paint the craft sticks green to look like stems and add green paper leaves, if desired.

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