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Ten quick snacks that give you the energy to get out there.

We all welcome the new season, when days are longer and the outdoors beckons with so many activities. From baseball games and soccer matches to beach picnics and forest hikes, the Delaware-Maryland-Virginia-D.C. area offers a wealth of outdoor fun. Keep these ten recipe ideas handy for easy and wholesome snacks that give everyone the energy they’ll need to get out there and enjoy it all.
Outside To go

Jump start your morning with healthy cookies for breakfast.

Love a quick, healthy treat you can grab on your way out the door?  Stack up these sweet, nutty treats and hit the road! Packed with nutritious ingredients like old-fashioned oats, pecans, coconut oil and sesame seeds, these easy bites go together in minutes in your food processor.  


Two shortcuts to a sensational light lunch

Your first shortcut: rotisserie chicken, shredded for a light, nutritional protein. Your next shortcut: creamy store-bought guacamole. Now all you need are Monterey Jack cheese, some diced red pepper and a few flour tortillas to put together satisfying roll-ups that deliver great flavor and a hearty lunch or snack.

Neat Sweet—try this vegan and wheat-free treat

Satisfy your sweet tooth and still stick to your nutritional goals.  Combine roasted almonds with chopped dark chocolate, almond butter and flaxseed with puffed brown rice cereal. You have a simple grab-and-go snack that delivers a satisfying crunch and plenty of nutrition.


Plant-based, no-bake bites for on-the-road energy

Full of wholesome ingredients like almond butter, no-salt chickpeas, chia seeds and plant-based milk, these easy treats pack powerful nutrition in every bite-sized dough ball. Quick to whip up in your food processor for a protein-rich, vegetarian, egg-free treat. 

Break out your air fryer for this easy 5-ingredient snack or lunch

Rotisserie chicken gives you a head start for this simple, kid-friendly meal.  Street taco tortillas filled with reduced-fat cream cheese and Mexican shredded cheese, folded into taquitos and air-fried in about ten minutes.  Serve up these nut-free, egg-free bites with salsa, sour cream or store-bought guacamole. Crunchy-good and easy to grab as you head out on more outdoor adventures.

Post-adventure snack attack?  This one delivers a protein-rich boost.

When the 3PM hungries hit, every hard-chargin’ kid will love this snack. The fresh apples and fruits deliver healthy fiber; the yogurt and peanut butter bring the protein. Whip up this easy, yummy dip in minutes, then dip at will. It’s a quick, wholesome fortification for whatever adventures await.


Here’s another inviting snack for active, adventure-loving kids.

Kids gobble these right up: they get satisfying crunch from the celery, and creamy goodness from the lower-fat garden vegetable cream cheese. Topped off with roasted sunflower seeds, it’s a nut-free finger food that’s fun to eat and super tasty. What kid could resist?

On the road? On the trail? Make this mix in minutes for a protein-packed crunch.

Try a new twist on trail mix: add in bits of beef jerky, seeds, Cheddar crackers and nuts— for a savory snack that really satisfies. Protein-rich almonds and cashews team up with unsalted sunflower seeds for wonderful flavor. Snip the jerky into bite-size pieces, toss it all together in an airtight container or resealable bag, and off you go!

These portable, kid-friendly ‘protein bombs’ feature a classic flavor pairing.

A hands-on snack that is both fun FOR your kids, and great to make WITH your kids. Medjool dates take the place of sugar, and combine with rolled oats and peanut butter for a protein-rich base that you roll into balls and flatten. Add a spot of jam in the middle, roll them into balls again and refrigerate for little surprise packages of deliciousness.  


This cashew-based vegan ‘cream cheese’ is the perfect creamy dip.

Use your food processor to puree raw cashews with unsweetened plant-based milk. Add a bit of salt and some lemon juice, nutritional yeast and chopped green onions. Add a shake of garlic powder and you’re all set.  Ready to dip celery or carrot sticks, crackers or whole-grain toast for a protein-rich and satisfying snack or breakfast.

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