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10 Summer Sizzling Brats and Dogs

It’s not officially summer without the sizzle and smoke of hot dogs hitting the grill. Budget friendly and easy to dress up in countless ways, franks and brats are a can’t-fail option for any cookout. Avoid monotony this season with 10 outrageously delicious, regionally-inspired recipes that go way beyond ketchup and mustard.

Michigan-Coney Dog

Beefed up with meaty chili, spicy brown mustard, and the zing of chopped onions, Michigan-Coney dogs are a midwestern favorite. 

Sonoran Dog

This decadent dog is wrapped in bacon and decked out with the southwestern flavors of avocado, pinto beans, and salsa.

Southern Slaw Dog

Take your franks down South with the classic combo of coleslaw, green onion, and yellow mustard.

Chicago-Style Hot Dog Salad

With tangy pickles, pepperoncini, tomatoes, and poppy seed dressing, this salad combines everything you love about Chicago-style hot dogs and is perfect as a side at your next cookout. 

Corn Tortilla Dogs

A lighter twist on the classic carnival corn dog, these franks wrapped in corn tortillas and melty mozzarella go on the gill, not in the deep fryer.

Grilled Sausage and Fixings

Take Chicago-style grilling to the next level with bratwurst and all the fixins’, or mix it up by substituting kielbasa.

Brats with Guacamole and Salsa

Sausage meets taco in these unexpected brats topped with easy homemade salsa and creamy guacamole.

Chicago-Style Hot Dogs

Jazz up your dawg with all of the typical Chicago-style goodies, including tomato, onion, relish, and a full dill pickle. 

L.A.-Style Chili Dog

Chili and cheese, yes please! This hot dog takes things to another level with these meaty, melty additions. 

New York City-Style Dog

Hot dogs are a staple of New York City sidewalks. Simple yet delicious, these dogs are dressed with the traditional toppings of brown mustard and sauerkraut.

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