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13 Warming Drinks to Cozy Up Next to the Fireplace

The perfect sip for roasting chestnuts or any snuggly winter activity.

Picture this: A warm, crackling fire. A thick blanket draped over you. Soft, comfortable pajamas. Fuzzy socks hugging your feet. What’s missing here? If you said a hot, cozy drink then you’re right! Our favorite way to enjoy a night in is with a tasty beverage. Whether you’re sharing with friends or going solo, these winter drink recipes are sure to warm your heart. 

Eggnog Lattes

Eggnog is a classic holiday flavor, which makes this latte a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Not into coffee? Swap it out for hot chocolate.  

Get the recipe: Eggnog Lattes

Creamy Hot Chocolate with Snowmen Marshmallows 

For a fun twist on this chocolatey treat, grab some decorating gel and make adorable snowman marshmallows. It’s a small and easy way to warm up your day.  

Get the recipe: Creamy Hot Chocolate with Snowmen Marshmallows 

Chai Latte

What do you get when you mix cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and warm milk? A delicious winter latte that’s the perfect companion to a good book. 

Get the recipe: Chai Latte   

Sangria Hot Toddy 

If you’re hosting friends, make it a fun stay-at-home shindig with this spiked refreshment. Grab your favorite fruity red wine and wow everyone with this hot toddy-inspired take on a Spanish classic.  

Get the recipe: Sangria Hot Toddy   

Mulled Wine 

Raise your glass to this warm, spiced vino that can make any chilly night feel like a holiday. Mulled wine with fresh orange slices and a touch of maple syrup heats up on the stovetop, just be sure not to boil, which will cause the alcohol to evaporate.  

Get the recipe: Mulled Wine 

Hot Cocoa Dessert Board 

Put on your favorite holiday movie and set up this adorable hot cocoa station for all to enjoy. Turn this recipe into an annual holiday activity, and invite your friends to bring their favorite holiday-themed mugs. 

Get the recipe: Hot Cocoa Dessert Board 

Soothing Chamomile Tea

 Spruce up your bedtime wind-down routine with this recipe. Lavender, chamomile, honey, and fresh mint come together to make a warming tea that tastes like a snuggly hug.  

Get the recipe: Soothing Chamomile Tea   

Herbal Green Tea 

Fennel and coriander seeds complement the earthy flavors of green tea in this recipe, while honey keeps things sweet. It’s a great coffee alternative for those looking to lower their caffeine intake.  

Get the recipe: Herbal Green Tea   

White Russian Hot Toddy

This tasty after-dinner sipper combines two cold weather cocktails in one. A combo of hot coffee and coffee-flavored liqueur mixed with dark rum and cream will warm you from the inside out.  

Get the recipe: White Russian Hot Toddy   

Red Wine Hot Chocolate  

Skip those boring hot chocolate packets and make your Christmas movie marathon extra special with just a few ingredients. Thanks to a slow cooker, making this boozy hot cocoa for grownups is a breeze.  

Get the recipe: Red Wine Hot Chocolate   

Pomegranate Hot Toddy 

We love a good nonalcoholic version of our favorite holiday cocktails. Cherry and pomegranate juices, warm spices, and a dash of vanilla make this mocktail special occasion-worthy.  

Get the recipe: Pomegranate Hot Toddy 

Ginger-Citrus Hot Toddy 

A little sweet, a little spicy, and a whole lot of cheer make up this recipe. This ginger-bourbon pairing is sure to become your new go-to flavor combo.  

Get the recipe: Ginger-Citrus Hot Toddy 

Golden Milk

If hot chocolate isn’t your thing, try out this spiced drink. Turmeric, ginger, and maple syrup offer the same comfort in a different vibrant golden hue.  

Get the recipe: Golden Milk  

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