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Honey Deserves Your Attention in the Kitchen. Here’s Why

Keep a jar — or several — on hand.

It’s about time we gave honey the love and attention it deserves. Not only is it a versatile sweetener with a gorgeous golden hue, but the bees who make it are invaluable to our planet. According to the National Honey Board, honeybees pollinate a third of the world’s food supply. Honey is also rich in antioxidants and if bottled and stored properly, will last forever in your pantry.  

Though many people associate honey with the cute squeezable bear, there’s a whole world of varieties beyond the classic clover. Manuka honey, for example, comes from a specific plant in Australia and New Zealand and has an intense, earthy taste. Due to its antibacterial properties, it’s often used as a natural ointment — though it’s also great drizzled onto toast or oatmeal, or stirred into tea.   

Other varieties of honey include orange blossom, which is citrusy and floral, buckwheat, which is rich and molasses-like, and tupelo, which is often described as having cinnamon-like notes. It’s also worth noting that raw honey, which hasn’t been pasteurized or processed, will boast more nutritional benefits than processed honey. It also hasn’t been cut with syrup or other ingredients.  

Once you discover your favorite, it’s time to start experimenting in the kitchen. In general, honey pairs well with cheeses (like ricotta and mascarpone), fruit (including apples and figs), and nuts (think almonds, walnuts, and hazelnuts). But this loveable sweetener livens up more than just cheese boards. At breakfast time, it can be used to bind granola bars, sweeten puff pastry buns, and add flavor to yogurt pops. At dinner, it’s often used to perk up proteins such as salmon pork, and  chicken — and it’s also a mainstay of Easter ham. Side dishes benefit from a drizzle of honey, too, including carrots, sweet potatoes, and cornbread.  

Of course, we wouldn’t be doing honey justice if we didn’t talk about desserts. It’s a must-have for apple treats (both big and  small  tastes great in cheesecakes, and is simply irresistible drizzled over poached pears. Not sure where to start? You simply can’t go wrong with this cream cheese tart with a honey-nut crust, which can be made with any fruit that’s in season.  

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