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17 No-Cook Recipes to Beat the Heat 

Hot summer days call for cool recipes—no oven or stovetop required!
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As temps start to rise in the summer months, the last thing you want to do is spend time sautéing over a hot stove or pulling a sheet pan out of a steamy oven. This is where no-cook recipes come to the rescue.

These filling, easy-to-put-together meals will keep you going on hot summer days and only require basic chopping, assembling, and maybe a microwave moment. Add these simple salads, chilled soups, satisfying sandwiches, and more to your rotation when turning on the oven or stove just isn’t an option.

Green Gazpacho

This five-ingredient chilled soup offers maximum refreshment for minimal effort on a scorching summer day. The only thing you need is a blender and 10 minutes. Greek yogurt adds creaminess while cucumbers, spinach, and dill bring a fresh pop. Walnuts are the key for a touch of nuttiness and texture. Pair it with one of the sandwiches or wraps for the perfect summer lunch.

Get the recipe: Green Gazpacho 

Chickpea Salad Sandwich

This vegan spin on a classic tuna salad sandwich gets its fish-free protein from chickpeas. This sandwich comes together in just 10 minutes: Simply mix all the ingredients, dollop it on your favorite bread, and dress it up with any toppings. Since canned chickpeas are super affordable and easy to keep on hand, you can break out this recipe whenever a heat wave hits.

Get the recipe: Chickpea Salad Sandwich

Curried Chicken Salad Pitas

Store-bought deli chicken salad makes an easy base for these tasty pitas that are ready in just 12 minutes. Curry powder and chopped jalapeño spice things up while grapes and nuts add sweetness and crunch. We love this in pitas with tomato slices and lettuce, but it’s equally good on sliced bread of a baguette.

Get the recipe: Curried Chicken Salad Pitas

Salmon and Rice Lettuce Wraps

Once you try this fool-proof microwavable salmon recipe, you’ll never go back to oven-baked salmon. Tangy lime juice and salty soy sauce add a dash of flavor to the flaked salmon, while green onions add a pop of color and peppery-sweet flavor. Large lettuce leaves envelope this delicious seafood meal to deliver the perfect bite with ease.

Get the recipe: Salmon and Rice Lettuce Wraps

Egg Salad Sandwiches

No waiting around for water to boil and eggs to cook for this recipe! This no-cook version of an egg salad sandwich uses store-bought hard-boiled eggs to speed things up. Seven ingredients and seven minutes are all you need to put together this lunchtime classic. Apple cider vinegar, Dijon mustard, and a touch of paprika make these sandwiches extra tasty.

Get the recipe: Egg Salad Sandwiches

Chicken Hummus Bowl

What do you get when you combine a quick chopped tomato, cucumber, and red onion salad with shredded rotisserie chicken, store-bought hummus, and quinoa? A satisfying Mediterranean-inspired bowl that is ready in just 15 minutes. Don’t skip the optional pitas: They make the perfect vehicle for scooping up every last bite.

Get the recipe: Chicken Hummus Bowl

Shrimp Salad Seaweed Wraps

These seaweed wraps are super fun to make and use the viral TikTok four-corner folding technique. Sheets of seaweed are sectioned into four, each piled with creamy shrimp salad, crispy cucumbers, sliced avocados, and brown rice, then the folding fun begins (see our video linked here for a demonstration). Pre-cooked shrimp and microwaveable rice help these wraps come together quickly.

Get the recipe: Shrimp Salad Seaweed Wraps

Sesame Chicken and Rice Salad with Edamame

This Asian-inspired salad comes together in just 15 minutes thanks to store-bought shortcuts like rotisserie chicken, rainbow slaw mix, and pre-cooked brown rice. Simply microwave the rice, whisk up the dressing, and assemble the ingredients in a bowl. This salad is also a great way to use up leftover rotisserie chicken from a previous night’s dinner. You can even prep this salad up to three days in advance for a weekday lunch— just make sure to add the cashews right before eating so they maintain their crunch.

Get the recipe: Sesame Chicken and Rice Salad with Edamame 

Salad with Rotisserie Chicken and Avocado

Shortcuts like rotisserie chicken and a store-bought salad blend help get this hearty salad on the table in just 15 minutes. Plus, a quick homemade dressing with jarred salsa verde and white wine vinegar adds lots of flavor in no time. Avocados add richness while cucumbers, carrots, and crushed-up tortilla chips are the much-needed crunch. It’s a great way to use up the end of your bag of tortilla chips or some leftover rotisserie chicken you have on hand.

Get the recipe: Salad with Rotisserie Chicken and Avocado

Ham & Jam Sandwiches with Brie

These French-style baguette sandwiches are a delicious twist on everyday ham and cheese sandwiches. Just a little strawberry jam contrasts perfectly with salty ham, creamy brie, and peppery arugula. Stack your ingredients and in ten minutes you’ll have a café-worthy sandwich right in your kitchen.

Get the recipe: Ham & Jam Sandwiches with Brie

French Spring Salad

Inspired by the classic French niçoise salad, this recipe is just as good in July as it is in May. It incorporates a variety of light, easy-to-eat ingredients like microwavable potatoes and green beans, store-bought boiled eggs, and canned tuna and artichoke hearts. Top it all off with some crunchy radishes and bottled white balsamic vinaigrette and you’ll swear you’ve jetted off to the South of France.

Get the recipe: French Spring Salad

Layered Muffuletta Salad

Enjoy all the flavors of a New Orleans muffuletta sandwich in a lighter form with this easy salad. Classic deli ingredients like salami, provolone cheese, olives, and pepperoncini are layered in a bowl for a dish that looks as good as it tastes. Top off your meal with a quick, homemade vinaigrette, sprinkle on some croutons, and it’s ready to serve. This is a perfect recipe to take to a summer cookout or potluck.

Get the recipe: Layered Muffuletta Salad

Buffalo Chicken Salad Lettuce Cups

Buffalo chicken wings may be a game-day classic, but who says you can’t enjoy the Buffalo flavors you love in the middle of summer? This no-cook recipe starts with leftover cooked chicken breast or shredded rotisserie chicken to create an easy lunch or light dinner in just 10 minutes. Plus, a blend of Greek yogurt and reduced-fat mayonnaise keeps the filling light. Serve inside romaine lettuce leaves for a refreshing crunch in every bite. Don’t forget to add some crumbled blue cheese on top!

Get the recipe: Buffalo Chicken Salad Lettuce Cups

Spicy Tuna Poke Bowl

No need to head to your favorite poke spot to satisfy your spicy tuna craving. This easy recipe features Ahi tuna steak cubes coated in a zingy ginger, soy, and Sriracha mayo dressing. Edamame, broccoli, and rice spend just a few minutes in the microwave to round out the dish. The result is a light-yet-satisfying low-effort lunch or dinner bowl. If you’re a major spice lover, serve with even more Sriracha on top.

Get the recipe: Tuna Poke Bowl

Cold Avocado Cucumber Soup

A blender and a microwave are the only kitchen appliances you need for this refreshing summer soup. Avocado, yogurt, cucumber, and lime juice blend up into a smooth, creamy soup base. Sliced radishes add a peppery flavor and crunch, while a drizzle of olive oil brings richness and ham cubes give the dish a salty protein boost. The result is a satisfying chilled soup ready in just 11 minutes that will keep you feeling as cool as a cucumber on any hot summer day.

Get the recipe: Cold Avocado and Cucumber Soup

Mango and Shrimp Summer Rolls

Summer rolls may just be the perfect no-cook dish—especially when you use pre-cooked shrimp. Cilantro and basil bring a fresh, herbaceous flavor while mangos add sweetness and bell pepper slices contribute crunch. All of the ingredients get wrapped up in soft spring roll wrappers with the elevated, creamy sweet chili sauce. It’s a great, handheld lunch option ready in just 15 minutes.

Get the recipe: Mango and Shrimp Summer Rolls

Roast Beef and Cheddar Wraps

These five-ingredient wraps are ready to eat in just five minutes, thanks to the supermarket deli counter. Sliced horseradish Cheddar plays a major role in adding flavor while pre-made pepper slaw balances it out with acidity and sweetness. Sliced deli roast beef is the savory protein boost the wrap needs and romaine lettuce brings freshness and crunch before everything is folded up in a soft flour tortilla.

Get the recipe: Roast Beef and Cheddar Wraps

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