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Our Guide to Burgers & Hotdogs

20 tasty recipes to level up your grilling game.

When it’s grilling time, nothing satisfies a hungry crowd like good ol’ burgers and dogs. That doesn’t mean they have to be boring, though. These 20 mouthwatering, totally unexpected (and easy!) recipes are guaranteed to make you top dog this cookout season.
 Queso Cheeseburgers

Take your burgers into Tex-Mex territory with this recipe made for cheese-lovers. Beef patties with fresh cilantro and cumin get an extra kick from melty queso and two kinds of grilled peppers. 

Get the recipe: Queso Cheeseburgers 

Grilled Carrot Chili-Slaw Dogs

These plant-powered “dogs” are perfect for anyone who thinks they’ve tasted it all when it comes to grilled franks. Sweet-smoky carrots cooked in the Instant Pot® hit the grill before getting piled high with vegetarian chili and crunchy coleslaw.

Get the recipe: Grilled Carrot Chili-Slaw Dogs

Grilled Chicken Ranch Burgers

For a lighter take on grill night, these flavorful, 5-ingredient chicken burgers hit the spot. Ranch dressing is the all-star ingredient that adds creamy zing to ground chicken patties made with a blend of herbs and spices.

Get the recipe: Grilled Chicken Ranch Burgers
Plant-Based Burgers with Cheddar CubesPlant-Based Burgers with Cheddar Cubes

No one will miss the meat with these super-cheesy, plant-powered patties. Cubes of extra sharp Cheddar add ooey-gooey flavor stuffed inside your favorite meatless burger.   

Get the recipe: Plant-Based Burgers with Cheddar Cubes

Reuben Hot Dogs

Hot dogs go to the deli in this sandwich-inspired grilling recipe. The classic combo of sauerkraut, Swiss, and Thousand Island dressing transform regular franks into Reuben dogs.

Get the recipe: Reuben Hot Dogs
Triple B Burger 

A trio of flavor-rich upgrades make these burgers un-b-lievably good. The smoky-sweet-salty combination of bacon, balsamic glaze, and brie cheese might become your new go-to burger topping.

Get the recipe: Triple B Burger
Grilled Salmon Burgers

When you want to take a break from beef, canned fish makes a tasty burger that’s budget-friendly, too. In this recipe, the protein-packed combo of canned salmon and cannellini beans gets a pop of bright flavor from lemon and fresh dill.

Get the recipe: Grilled Salmon Burgers

Buffalo Hot Dogs

These unexpected dogs are a treat for any wing lover. Buffalo sauce, blue cheese, and crunchy carrots crank up the flavor of grilled turkey franks.

Get the recipe: Buffalo Hot Dogs

Grilled Chicken Parm Burger  

Grilled Chicken Parm Burgers

What happens when you cross a cookout with an Italian restaurant? Grilled chicken Parm burgers topped with marinara and fresh mozzarella are company-worthy and weeknight-easy.

Get the recipe: Grilled Chicken Parm Burgers 

 Grilled Greek Pork Burgers

These burgers made with lean ground pork will transport you to the Greek isles in 20 minutes. Frozen spinach and tangy feta bulk up grilled patties slathered with creamy tzatziki sauce.

Get the recipe: Grilled Greek Pork Burgers 

Bacon Mac and Cheese Hot Dogs

This mashup of three all-star favorites is guaranteed to win rave reviews at your next barbecue. Macaroni and cheese and smoky bacon upgrade regular hot dogs to wow-worthy.

Get the recipe: Bacon Mac and Cheese Hot Dogs

Grilled Plant-Based Burgers with Pineapple

Say “aloha” to the new star of your plant-powered cookout spread. Grilled pineapple rings and teriyaki sauce add irresistible, sweet-savory flavor to your favorite meatless burger.

Get the recipe: Grilled Plant-Based Burgers with Pineapple

Grilled French Onion Burgers

These burgers take their cue from bistro-style French onion soup. Sautéed onions and onion soup mix add a double dose of umami-rich flavor to beef patties topped with melted Swiss.

Get the recipe: Grilled French Onion Burgers 

 Loaded Chilean Dogs

These one-of-a-kind, fully loaded dogs are inspired by South American street food. Avocado, peak season tomatoes, and chipotle mayo make regular grilled franks anything but ordinary.

Get the recipe: Loaded Chilean Dogs
 Green Chili Cheeseburgers

A little heat goes a long way in this riff on a popular New Mexico diner favorite. Beefy burgers topped with melty white American cheese and two kinds of mild peppers are a taste of the Southwest. 

Get the recipe: Green Chili Cheeseburgers 

Pimiento Cheeseburger

These burgers deliver a taste of Texas with just five ingredients. Tangy pimiento cheese spread is the star topping that’s equally delicious on beef, poultry, or veggie burgers.

Get the recipe: Pimiento Cheeseburger 

Southern Slaw Dogs

Put some South in your mouth with this simple riff on a regional summer favorite. Coleslaw, yellow mustard, and green onions bring the twang to grilled dogs served on toasted buns.

Get the recipe: Southern Slaw Dogs 
Thai Turkey Burgers

Take your tastebuds to Thailand without leaving the backyard. Cucumber salad tossed with homemade peanut sauce adds Asian-inspired flavor and crunch to lean grilled turkey burgers.

Get the recipe: Thai Turkey Burgers 
BBQ Crunch Burger 

Make some noise at your next cookout with these beefy burgers that bring the crunch. Barbecue sauce and crisp fried onions are any easy duo of toppings that are impossible to resist. 

Get the recipe: BBQ Crunch Burger 

Caesar Burger

Hail, Caesar! This mashup burger combines a simple salad of Romaine lettuce, carrots, and bottled Caesar dressing with mild grilled turkey patties for amped up flavor and crunch. 

Get the recipe: Caesar Burger 

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