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Pool Party

23 Recipes for the Ultimate Pool Party

Stay cool by the pool and keep your guests full, too.

When the dog days of summer become too much to handle, there’s nothing better than planning a get together with friends and loved ones for a fun filled day around the pool . Whether you’re visiting your local pool or are hosting a fun backyard splash at home, one thing is certain: snacks, flavorful lunches, and cooling treats are necessary. We’ve rounded up our best eats for hungry swimmers to keep your guests fueled and refreshed.  

Easy Italian Ice

Fun in the sun can leave one tired out, but this four-ingredient dessert is the ultimate summer refresher. Mix and match any of your favorite summer fruits for a cooling treat that never gets old. 

Get the recipe: Easy Italian Ice  

Prosciutto Panini with Pistachio Pesto 

No panini press? No problem. This Italian-inspired sandwich with pistachio-flecked pesto is pressed on the grill with a cast iron skillet. 

Get the recipe: Prosciutto Panini with Pistachio Pesto  

Ranch Water Freezer Door Cocktail 

Mix up this cocktail in the tequila bottle for big-batch prep, perfect to pour for a party of friends. Like a margarita, this 5-ingredient drink has a tangy flavor from limeade and seltzer.   

Get the recipe: Ranch Water Freezer Door Cocktail   

Chili-Lime Watermelon Wedges  

 Transport your guests to Mexico with this riff on a popular street snack. Wedges of watermelon get a spicy-salty finish from a sprinkle of chili-lime seasoning, cotija, and fresh mint. 

 Get the recipe: Chili-Lime Watermelon Wedges  

Bloody Mary Panzanella Salad 

Add the flavors of a classic cocktail to an Italian bread salad for this unforgettable mashup. This hearty side dish is a great complement to grilled meats or vegetables.  

Get the recipe: Bloody Mary Panzanella Salad  

Virgin Piña Coladas 

What goes together better than pool parties and tiny umbrellas? Virgin pina coladas will turn any get-together into a party for guests of all ages. 

Get the recipe: Virgin Piña Coladas 

Strawberry-Raspberry Ice Pops 

Frozen fruit pops are a no-brainer after the fun of a long swim. Make your own in just 10 minutes with fresh strawberries and raspberry sorbet.   

Get the recipe: Strawberry-Raspberry Ice Pops  

Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches  

Last minute guests? Ice cream sammies to the rescue! These bite-sized summer treats come together with just two ingredients. 

Get the recipe: Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches   

Grilled Shrimp Paella Foil Packets 

Spanish paella hits the grill in this quick and easy foil packet dinner. Pre-chopped peppers speed prep for the combo of shrimp, chicken sausage, and veggies over rice. 

Get the recipe: Grilled Shrimp Paella Foil Packets  

Mozzarella, Tomato, and Plum Salad 

While it might sound like an unusual combination, ripe plums and juicy heirloom tomatoes are a match made in flavor heaven. Add fresh mozzarella crisp arugula for a 5-ingredient appetizer or side dish that’s perfect for summer pool days. 

 Get the recipe: Mozzarella, Tomato, and Plum Salad 

Rainbow Roll-Ups 

These colorful,veggie-filled bites are quick to make and full of flavor. Hummus adds creamy texture and protein to this easy make-ahead recipe that kids will love. 

 Get the recipe: Rainbow Roll-Ups 

Mango and Shrimp Summer Rolls 

Skip the stove and serve hungry swimmers a rainbow of flavor with these refreshing summer rolls. Pre-cooked shrimp and fresh mango wrapped with bright herbs delivers a taste of Southeast Asia. 

Get the recipe: Mango and Shrimp Summer Rolls  

Mexican Street Corn Dip  

This easy appetizer combines a crowd-friendly dip with the traditional flavors of Mexican street corn. Serve with tortilla chips for a snack everyone will devour. 

Get the recipe: Mexican Street Corn Dip   

Ice Cream Cupcakes  

These adorable, no-bake cupcakes combine two desserts in one. Chocolate and berries top handheld bites made in a muffin pan with two flavors of ice cream.   

Get the recipe: Ice Cream Cupcakes   

Chocolate Vanilla Black Cherry Floats  

This nostalgic treat tastes like it came from an old school ice cream parlor. Whip it up with vanilla and chocolate frozen yogurt – or swap in ice cream – and finish with a double dose of cherry soda and fresh cherry garnish. 

Get the recipe: Chocolate Vanilla Black Cherry Floats   

Frozen Banana-Mango Yogurt Bites 

These 5 ingredient yogurt bites are perfect for people of all ages.  Blend the fruit, yogurt, and honey together, spoon into cupcake liners and freeze. Pull out for a light and refreshing afternoon treat. 

Get the recipe: Frozen Banana-Mango Yogurt Bites 

 Frozen Honeydew Mojitos 

Fresh summer mint shines in our take on Cuba’s favorite cocktail. Honeydew melon adds a touch of sweetness to this frozen refresher with fresh lime and rum.  

Get the recipe:  Frozen Honeydew Mojitos  

Frozen Fruit and Yogurt Bark 

This protein and vitamin-rich bark looks as good as it tastes. Keep it on hand in the freezer as a treat for unexpected guests that doubles as a grab-and-go breakfast. 

 Get the recipe: Frozen Fruit and Yogurt Bark 

Savory Cashew Cream Cheese   

 Being in the sun all day can lead to a draining day. You want to make sure not only do you have snacks that are delicious, put are also high in protein. This cashew cream fits the bill! Set out with your favorite cut veggies or toast that people can easily snack on, for a quick energy boost. 

Get the recipe: Savory Cashew Cream Cheese   

Greek Pasta Salad with Shrimp

If you’ve got 15 minutes, your guests can enjoy a light but satisfying meal straight from the Greek isles. Frozen cooked shrimp and pre-cooked pasta are the speedy secret weapons that’ll have you back in the pool in no time. 

Get the recipe: Greek Pasta Salad with Shrimp

DIY Pineapple Whip 

Get that theme park feeling without leaving the pool with this luscious frozen treat. Pineapple and banana give tropical vibes while vanilla yogurt (or non-dairy yogurt for a vegan-friendly version) makes it irresistibly creamy and smooth.   

Get the recipe: DIY Pineapple Whip  

Sunset Slushies 

These colorful slushies are a fruity treat for kids that easily transforms into a frozen cocktail for grownups. Just add a splash of tequila or rum to the blended combo of peaches, strawberries, and frozen mango. 

Get the recipe: Sunset Slushies 

Herbed Cheese Spread  

 Calling all cheese-lovers! This easy spread is a homerun appetizer that makes good use of any leftover bits of cheese you have in the fridge. 

Get the recipe: Herbed Cheese Spread   

Grinder Sandwich 

Grinder, sub, hoagie, hero…whatever you call it, this fully loaded sandwich is certain to satisfy hungry swimmers. Italian dressing and pepperoncini add zesty kick to layers of prosciutto, salami, provolone, and crisp veggies stacked on a pillowy roll.  

Get the recipe: Grinder Sandwich  

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